19#lephone 2015-10-17 10:49:09
Content19. Why I cannot instill the APK downloaded from computer?
Admin Reply• In phone settings - personal - Unknown sources to select open, it can be installed on a non-mobile applications central source application.
18#lephone 2015-10-17 10:46:16
Content18. Why display unknown driver after the phone connected to the computer?
Admin Reply• Turn on the computer Device Manager (My Computer - Properties - Hardware), find name which the phone hardware corresponds to, right-click, and select Update the Driver. • Setting -more-developer options, then close USB debugging, the phone will automatically install the driver after phone connected to the computer. • If you connect the PC version of Mobile Assistant (such as 360 Assistant or cloud assistant) must turn on USB debugging on your phone, the phone assistant recognition to the phone will automatically install the driver search prompt.
17#lephone 2015-10-17 10:44:49
Content17. How to handle the battery which is not durable?
Admin Reply• We recommend using Multi-purpose battery charger to activate the battery once.
16#lephone 2015-10-17 10:44:03
Content16. How to solve the problem cannot access WIFI?
Admin Reply• the wifi signal strength of mobile is relative, the wifi signal strength of cell phone is generally smaller than laptops and other devices, and the router's signal strength is very high, so there will be farther away from the router or obstacle large, the phone can search for the signal, but appears connected,always show get ip and Internet connection is not normal. Solution: • Location of the venue closer to the router Internet; • Adjust the position of the router, so the distance of phone and router is closer.
15#lephone 2015-10-17 10:42:54
Content15. How to quickly deal phone which has no signal?
Admin Reply• Go to "Settings - Network Management" to check whether the 2G / 3G setting mode and the type of SIM card used in line; • Go to "Settings - Network Management", check “Automatic” and observe service is restored, if the service is not restored, restart observe whether recovery; such as recovery after the restart, may be caused by "baseband and firmware", refresh Firmware Maintenance. • Power off, pull out the SIM card slot, confirm the SIM card contacts are broken or dirty, into the phone again to confirm whether resume or not after a clean cotton cloth to wipe SIM card slot. • Replacing the SIM card and check again;
14#lephone 2015-10-17 10:41:46
Content14. How to solve the problem of Android phone automatically restart?
Admin Reply• Some download software and systems with automatic restart conflict, delete the conflicting software. • If cannot find, then turn the phone back to factory settings, reinstall the software, pay attention to those software conflicts automatically restart, to find and delete. • There is the case of the plug-ins, the solution is to root.
13#lephone 2015-10-17 10:40:53
Content13. Why mobile phone software has be forced to close?
Admin Reply• Downloaded software with the phone system itself is not compatible with the conflict, leading to the case of the software forced to close.
12#lephone 2015-10-17 10:39:52
Content12. Sometimes unable to pick up the phone, how to do?
Admin Reply• First check the network signal is good or not, problem may be the network service provider base station signal processing result, then replace the SIM card and check again, crowd density shopping malls, schools and other higher region more prone to such phenomena, you can feed back to the operator; • GPRS will produce data stream, taking data transmission channel, causing the calling cannot enter, close GPRS while phone standby • The compatibility of baseband,plug in and hardware is poor, resulted this problems sporadically, solve it by root phone.
11#lephone 2015-10-17 10:39:05
Content11. When using the phone, the charger becomes hot is normal?
Admin Reply• Normal, the voltage of phone is higher while charging than phone standby, if receive call, play games and so on. Voltage when calling or connecting to the network is many times more than usual, so that the phone's internal components is easy to be damaged.
10#lephone 2015-10-17 10:36:53
Content10. Why are some applications cannot run on my phone?
Admin Reply• Download the app is not compatible with the phone itself.
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